Article from Faces!

This article about Operation Babylift was my debut for Faces magazine. It is unbelievable what Vietnamese orphans went through during the April 1975 attack on Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City). With the help of humanitarian groups and the United States government, these fragile children were able to start a new life free from gunfire and exploding bombs. Operation Babylift article Operation Babylift article Operation Babylift article

Articles from Crinkles!

I was a contributing writer to Crinkles magazine for five years. During that time, I wrote more than forty articles for the magazine. Unfortunately, this wonderful library media magazine for kids has ceased publication. This article about the Tropp family has sentimental value because it was my first publication. Other biographies I wrote for Crinkles included Sandra Day O'Connor, Sidney Poiter, Tom Osborne, and Nolan K. Bushnell. Sound of Music article Sound of Music article

Many of the articles I wrote for Crinkles were book reviews and annotations. The piece featured here is about books with a New Zealand theme. Other books I reviewed had themes from the following countries: Chile. Sweden, Iceland, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Romania, Russia (chess fiction) and China. Books I reviewed with a United States theme included: Utah, Illinois, New Mexico, Texas, Vermont, Puerto Rico, Oklahoma, Florida, Hollywood (book and movie duos), Washington D.C., Virginia, Idaho, and New Mexico respectively. New Zealand fiction article New Zealand fiction article

This feature about hair braiding was one of my favorites. Braids have been around for thousands of years. In fact, they are seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some other general interest articles I wrote for Crinkles included orienteering, Icelandic horses, Romanian gymnastics, kayaking, Turkish art, Castles of Portugal, Ramadan, Roswell and the White House among others. Hair braiding article Hair braiding article